Discover the power of the word

We know that thoughts they are energy and they attract their equal. Also that our mind is thinking all the time, that's what it does, just as the kidneys filter or the small intestine assimilates; action that triggers the creation of experiences. But, do you know the power of word ?

The thought is supported by the word and as we have been programmed to think badly, we have learned to speak worse, we forget the power of word and we use it without any conscience.

The mechanics goes: thought, word and deed, that is, through the word we support what we think, many times without knowing that our subconscious does not know jokes and that when we say something it takes it as an absolute truth and does everything possible to materialize it.

That is why we must be very aware of what we say. Our word is law, we are told: ask and it will be given, and this is real. For example: we want money but we only talk about poverty, lack and austerity. Someone who wants health talks about diseases, symptoms and aches. When asking for love, they talk about how there are no good couples or how difficult it is to find someone worthwhile.

Also, there are very wise sayings and others that are not worth repeating like "think bad and hit", "women are not all love or all money", "all men are equal", "women are interested ", etc.

If thoughts are energy, the power of words is even greater because they are self-proclaimed prophecies. Therefore, we must learn to speak well and pay attention to what we say to start practicing decrees , affirmations or power lines, here are some tips:

  1. Speak positively: Attention must be paid to a mind programmed in negative, since the word "no" is converted into the unconscious by a "yes", that is, by expressing "I no longer get sick", it is equal to "I get sick all time". We must learn to pay attention to what I do want to live.
  2. Watch the times: We were educated that the negative was for this moment while the positive was for the future; forgetting that the only real time is this moment; therefore, we must learn to decree in the here and now.
  3. Choose for whom the decree is: The power of the word extends to your peers, so you must choose to whom the statement is intended, it can be for me, for you, for a son or a friend. Determining is the good saying that it is equal to blessing and if we remember that what I give is returned to me, multiplied and that what I sow I harvest, blessing is a way of harvesting.

Do not forget that you should start paying attention to what you do want and leave behind the energy you do not want. I invite you to think well and see how you can also get it right. And you, do you already know the power of the word?

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