Discover if you have blocked your sexual chakra

Do you feel a lack of sexual desire and pain in the lower back? Maybe you're a little stressed and you chakra sexual is blocked. What you need is to relax and let your energy flow freely to recover your libido .

In accordance with Tantra Touch , through reiki , of the yoga and meditation you can open your chakra sexual, to improve your intimate life. To identify if you need any energy therapy, know some situations that block this energy center:

  1. Sexual abuse or abuse
  2. Lack of communication on issues of puberty and changes in adolescence by your parents.
  3. When in your family circle sex is lived as a taboo
  4. Have spontaneous or planned abortions.
  5. Live situations of promiscuity alien to your decision or will.
  6. Being part of religions or sects where sex is perceived as something abnormal.
  7. Ridicule about the size of your penis.
  8. Consume of drug or toxic substances.

Unlock your sexual chakra

To unlock a chakra you need to know your location, so you focus directly on the area. In this case, this energy center is five centimeters below the navel, and is responsible for the sexual attitudes and desires of a person.

To allow your energy to flow freely you must perform the exercises that are shown in the video and repeats the mantra "I have the right to feel". With this, you will recover your libido and sexual desire again:

Before making the exercises , prepare a pleasant environment that will help you relax, such as the placement of aromatic candles and relaxing music . And you, do you have your sexual chakra open?

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Video Medicine: Symptoms of Blocked Chakras (August 2020).