Discover if you are a workaholic in this test

In the current pace of life it is normal for a person to become workaholic (workaholic) without realizing it; However, it is essential that they detect it in time to reduce the stress and achieve a better quality of life.

When your work activities completely outweigh the commitments or personal relationships, you are most of the day at work, you have recurring thoughts on issues of your employment, maybe you are becoming a workaholic . Do not let more time pass and discover it with this test from ANTEROOS Therapeutic Center:


Are you a workaholic?

On a white sheet write one of the options that you are given in each of the questions, be honest in your answers:

1.- Do you have a specific schedule that you regularly and adequately meet?
A) I know when I enter, never when I go out.
B) Sometimes.
C) Yes, always.

2.- Do you usually take work home?
A) Yes, almost every day.
B) Sometimes, on weekends.
C) My readings I find in the library.

3.- Do they call you by phone for labor issues at home?
A) Yes, almost every day and many times for nonsense.
B) Sometimes.
C) If they call me, it's because something extraordinary has happened.

4 .- Do you feel like you are missing or with the feeling of doing something wrong when you leave work at the time when everyone leaves?
A) Yes, it is as if I had to escape or go away.
B) Sometimes.
C) Feeling that I'm leaving with the homework done.

5.- Do you have your phone book with more work contacts than friends?
Oh, yes.
B) It is fair.
C) I have a couple of colleagues, the rest are friends.

6.- Do you notice that something is missing if you leave your agenda in the office?
A) Of course, yes. If I'm missing, I'll come back immediately.
B) It depends if I left something important.
C) No, in that case it would be a relief.

7.- The holidays are endless?
A) I get bored during the holidays, that's why I count the days that I need to go back.
B) Well, no.
C) I find them short.

8.- Do you continuously feel that you lack time?
A) Yes, it is a habit.
B) Only sometimes, when I have many things to do.
C) The truth is that I manage well.

9.- Are your conversations usually about work or can you talk about other topics: hobbies, society, sports?
A) My work fills me and occupies most of my conversations.
B) It depends, if I'm with colleagues, yes.
C) Work? I'm not interested in talking about it almost never.

10.- Do you think or recognize that work requires you continuously?
A) Yes, because when I'm not there, there's no one to do it.
B) Sometimes.
C) I had not raised it.



Count the number of answers A, B and C you answered. Add the "A" and multiply it by 5; the "B" multiplies by 2 and the "C" by 0.

If you got between 0-10 points: You have little interest in work.

Those who have between 15-30 points: Your attitude is normal, that is, you know how to balance your free time and what you share with loved ones, without neglecting the obligations of work.

From 30-50 points: You are totally a workaholic. Keep in mind that if you manage to plan your life in a moderate way, your performance will surely increase.

Remember that the results of the test to detect if you are a workaholic have an orientative value, which can not replace the opinion of a specialist in the subject.


Stop being a workaholic

When a person is workaholic suffers stress chronic, irritability , physical and psychological wear, and often suffer depression , which triggers a poor quality of life on a personal and family level. Therefore, the specialist Rocío Arocha gives you some tips to combat daily stress:

Try to respect your schedule, as well as dividing work activities from personal ones, so that you have a healthy life and a better productivity. Remember that you must work to live and not the other way around. And you, are you a workaholic?

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