Diet prevents kidney stones

The excretory apparatus is responsible for eliminating waste from the metabolism both of food and drugs through urine. The kidneys are the filters through which the blood to eliminate these wastes, and when these organs get sick or stop working they can kidney stones.

One way to combat lithiasis or kidney stones (solid deposits that form in the kidney) is through food, since a correct diet along with good hydration is the key to help prevent the formation of these.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the director of UROCLINIC, Carlos Sánchez Moreno explains the diagnostic process of lithiasis:

Here are some recommendations for you to apply them daily:

Increase the consumption of liquids: This will increase the volume of urine which makes it more diluted and thus helps to prevent the formation of urine. kidney stones .

Increase the consumption of citrus fruits: Orange and lemon contain citrate, a substance that prevents the crystallization of oxalate, which allows to reduce the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

Eat more fiber: It helps to decrease the concentration of calcium in the urine, which decreases the risk of forming kidney stones.

Elevates the consumption of potassium and phosphorus : Decreases calcium levels in the urine. So he ingests orange, tomato, milk, egg, among others.

Decreases protein consumption: The subsistence allowance high in proteins, especially of animal origin can increase the formation of kidney stones and uric acid.

Lower sodium levels: This increases the concentrations of calcium in the urine which facilitates the formation of kidney stones.

If someone in your family has had kidney stones, you should be more careful in your feeding to prevent its development. In addition, adults over 40 are more likely to produce them. And you, do you have a balanced diet?

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Video Medicine: Diet for Kidney Stone Prevention (February 2023).