Diaper rash

It is an eruption that appears in the area covered by the diaper, in which the exposed parts are involved. Synthetic materials and cottons (abdomen, genitals, thighs and buttocks). It is a problem that usually occurs in older adults with incontinence urinary or paralysis due to various causes.


The origin of this condition is found in the combination of a series of factors that cause aggression to skin and they end up producing an alteration of the cutaneous surface. It is distinguished by a red coloration in the affected areas.


Complications appear when, in the affected skin, rashes are observed and infected with bacteria, or more frequently by a fungus called Candida albicans . The diagnosis is carried out by a specialist and is based on the physical examination.


To prevent this situation should be made that the diaper is large enough and avoid rubbing as much as possible. You can also protect the skin with specialized ointments and not leave a dirty diaper for a long time.


(Source: Dra. Isabel Morales de Alava, Family and Community Medicine Specialist, CLINICA UNIVERSIDAD DE NAVARRA)

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