Diabetic retinopathy, has a new diagnosis

Scientists of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) developed a computer system, using software that can identify the presence of theDiabetic retinopathy, by reading the iris.

About, Benjamín Luna Benoso , professor and researcher of the School of Computing (ESCOM) of the Polytechnic, explained that the problem with this disease is that it is not detected at a glance, but requires specialized studies that translate into time and money for the patient.


Diabetic retinopathy

Inside of the iris the blood vessels deteriorate, becoming thicker and with time appear small dots that are called microaneurysms, which indicate that the disease has started.

As this is usually silent and difficult to detect, many people with diabetes types I and II they do not know that they are developing the condition, which allows their progress and that causes the gradual loss of vision.

Currently, he said, the screening test requires the use of a substance that is placed in the eye of the patient and that can cause discomfort such as vomiting, nausea and irritation , besides that it represents a very high cost for the public health systems.

On the contrary, this new technique only requires a iris image of the patient and will help quickly, efficiently and economically to discover spills difficult to notice at a glance.

This allows a pre-diagnosis of the condition, in order to prevent patients lose your sight for not having a timely detection.

The software, unique in Latin America, can totally transform the process to detect the disease and it is expected that inyear and a half is being used in doctors' offices.

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