Deviated partition hinders breathing

The partition It is a thin wall of cartilage Y bone that separates nostrils . The deviation of partition occurs when that wall moves to the side, making one of the nostrils . In many people, the condition does not cause symptoms or they are minor and do not merit treatment.

When the deviation of the partition it is moderate and severe, a nasal obstruction may occur and for some people it may be difficult to breathe through the nose with the side obstructed. Others, however, could say that the obstruction is on the opposite side to the deviation of the partition and that is due to the process known as nasal cycle .

Normally, the nasal cycle it is not noticeable, although it could be more obvious when one has flu . However, in people with deviation from partition , when the nasal cycle obstructs the opposite side to the blockade of the partition It could be difficult or uncomfortable to breathe through your nose.

The problems directly linked to the deviation of the partition they are repaired with surgery (septoplasty) , procedure in which the surgeon works through an incision inside the nose to reposition the septum in the midline and create two open nostrils.

As with any other surgical treatment, there are risks and among the complications of nasal surgery are those related to the anesthesia , bleeding and the possible need to reoperate.

If you have any symptoms, go to your doctor so that he can provide you with the treatment that best suits your needs or, failing that, recommend the ideal surgical procedure for you. Good luck!

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Video Medicine: Deviated Nasal Septum (Nose Partition) With Spur as Predisposing Factor to Sinusitis Development (May 2021).