Surely you have met a person who appeared to be something completely contrary to what he turned out to be. Someone you claimed to know but in the end you were surprised by behaving aggressively, even hurting yourself physically or psychologically, these people suffer from personality disorder , that's how you get sick passive-aggressive .

Regularly these people do not adapt to the environment. They appear to behave well before society but in private they attack people. They never acknowledge their mistakes and evade their responsibilities.

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Studies published by The University of Michigan , reveal that people who suffer from passive-aggressive disorder They lack self-worth, they have problems accepting themselves and for that reason they attack others.

It is important to know that these types of people can affect your health. So a passive-aggressive person makes you sick ...



These types of people make you doubt about yourself and your virtues. They constantly remind you of what you are doing wrong, even though it is not true.


Feeling guilty

Always going to turn things around so that you feel guilty for something you did not do.



Every one who has a chance is going to humiliate you and the worst of all is that many times you can believe that he is right, which affects your self esteem seriously.

This type of disorder It deals with psychoanalytic therapy , regularly they are people who had problems with their development of interpersonal relationships. So that you do not get sick passive-aggressive It is important that you also go to therapy.


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