Detoxify your body and lose weight

Have you ever wondered how to regulate the thyroid to enjoy a stable weight? One of the disciplines that has many benefits on a physical, emotional and mental level is yoga. Therefore, this discipline can be practiced at any time of the day and is very effective to combat overweight, especially when you have problems with the thyroid.

According to information published on the portal MindBodyGreen , yoga focuses on every part of the body that can help you lose weight, that is, activates your metabolism, regulates the thyroid and improves the functioning of the liver.


Detoxify your body and lose weight

1.- How to regulate the thyroid? : The thyroid secretes a hormone that regulates the metabolism, which favors a correct burning of calories, but when it is not like that, the organism becomes slow and favors the overweight; However, with some yoga postures like Sarvangasana or Matsyasana you can correct this problem.

2.- Activate your liver: This organ has many essential functions to maintain a stable weight, because it is the one that is responsible for detoxifying your body and purifying your blood. It also processes good and bad fats. It even gives you energy to carry out your activities. The best positions to activate it are the Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Chakra and Matsyendrasana

3.- Balance your PH: When your PH is very acid your body tries to protect itself by storing fat, so it can be very dangerous when generating cholesterol plugs in the arteries. Avoid it with the postures Paschimottanasana and Janushirasana

4.- Activate your internal heat: When you practice hot yoga, that is, practice different postures at 40 degrees Celsius, low in weight, because you stimulate your nervous system, which helps you to burn fats faster. Practice postures like Paschimottanasana and Anjaneyasana

5.- Purify your colon: Many people suffering from constipation accumulate fecal matter, which can promote overweight or other diseases, so that activates your digestive system with these asanas: Utks'epa Mudra, Agnisara Mudra, Mayurasana and Nauli Kriya

All the postures must be practiced with an empty stomach and with a previous heating to avoid injuries. If you practice them every day you will notice the results. Cheer up!

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