Detoxify naturally!

Take care of our diet and perform exercise regularly they are the keys to maintain a healthy organism; However, there are alternative treatments that help optimize its functioning as the lymphatic drainage .

Source: Body Wrap

Lymphatic drainage is a technique that favors the immune system responsible for eliminating toxins, bacteria, viruses and dead cells. In addition, it has positive effects on the sympathetic nervous system, details a study of Department of Physical Therapy, National University of Kangwon, Republic of Korea .

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Detoxify naturally!

The lymphatic drainage It helps to improve the circulation of the lymphatic fluid that is under the skin, and helps to attack bacteria that damage health.

The lymphatic system is freed of any obstruction through massages or soft, constant and painless pressures with ascending direction, which push the lymph into the venous circulatory system in order to reach the kidneys and release the waste through the urine.

Lymph is a fluid composed of mostly white blood cells of lymphocytes; This fluid flows at a slower rate than blood, so it becomes easily saturated, due to factors such as poor diet and not taking the amount of water the body needs.

This treatment has multiple therapeutic and aesthetic benefits; in accordance with BodyWrap The following 10 are the most important:

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