Dentures require special care

After the age of 59, the use of dental prostheses is very common. This type of auxiliaries require a cleanliness constant and meticulous, just like dentures normal to guarantee an optimal state of oral health .

PREVENIMSS data, reveal that the or the older adult presents a loss of two thirds of teeth, so it is recommended that if the denture cleaning becomes complicated after each meal, it will have to be washed at night by removing it. before sleep. Conversely, if the denture injures the gums or moves when chewing, you should go to your dentist to fix it and / or fix it.

Some of the general recommendations mentioned by the experts are:

  • Dentures should remain out of the mouth for 8 to 10 hours a day, to promote the recovery of tissue tone.
  • Practice reading aloud, so the patient will get used to the speech in a simple way.
  • Improve circulation in the gums with a gentle massage.
  • At the end of the day or in the presence of irritation, it is recommended to practice bicarbonate and water rinses.
  • The dentures must be cleaned under the jet of water with a special brush.

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