Demi Moore worries about her thinness

The appearance of the actress Demi Moore at the premiere of the series Five It caused great surprise for the assistants, because although it has always been characterized for being thin this time he wore a "excessively slender figure " .

The 48-year-old American, who wore a black dress with geometric prints, caused several nutritionists to point out that the actress spends too much time in the gym, and even speculate that her diet is practically nil.

The mother of three children confessed a few months ago that she had taken a strict detoxification plan with her husband Ashton Kutcher , 32, suggesting that this could be another reason why the remembered protagonist of Ghost is extremely thin .

Eating disorder diseases such as anorexy , the bulimia , the vigorexia and the orthorexia , are problems that have to do mainly with the self esteem , because the social aspects are an important factor that determine the stereotypes of women extremely thin , although it can also affect men.

Here we present a video in which Aracely Aizpuro , director of the Ellen West Foundation , explains for GetQoralHealth some characteristics of eating disorders such as anorexy .

For the expert, the diagnosis is the central axis to fight the disease through a treatment comprehensive and multidisciplinary.

These diseases of a psychiatric nature, because everything is mental affect the nutritional aspects Y psychological, and may cause physical problems .

Do you know someone with these characteristics?

If you want more information on the subject, visit our specials anorexy Y bulimia .

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