Delicious dessert…

The origin of this tuber is ancestral and its presence is part of the gastronomic history of various countries in Latin America. However, beyond its flavor, it is now known that sweet potato has properties that benefit the health and appearance of those who consume it regularly.

Sweetpotato helps stabilize the blood sugar level and decreases resistance to insulin . One of the reasons may be that it has a high content of carotenes, "says an article in the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food and Drug Protection Divisio.

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Delicious dessert…

The sweet potato can be prepared in different ways. In our country it is usually through a dish that integrates piloncillo to caramel, but we present another option that you will love. Check out the following recipe from our friends We Are Not Zombies !


Source of beauty

100 grams of this tuber comprises in greater proportion 74% water, 1.2% fiber, 0.6% fat, 9.7% sugar. However, care should be taken as to how it is consumed since if it is in a crude form it can cause some health problems: diarrhea Y flatulence , according to a study in the magazine Biodiversitas .

The sweet potato, due to its high content of vitamins A (in the form of beta carotene) and C contains properties antioxidants . Both beta-carotene and vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from the body; which delays the aging of the cells of the skin.

In addition, it helps prevent conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer.

These nutrients also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat certain diseases that lead to inflammations such as asthma, osteoporosis and arthritic rheumatism. North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food and Drug Protection Divisio.

Sweet potato is an ideal food for a balanced diet. Test it!


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