Delicate caresses

Women are more able to express their emotions, whereas men take more time to say what they feel.

Since they do not communicate like they do, then women have the mistaken idea that they do not love them, when they do, but they express it with facts, "she says. Joaquín Gómez Gutiérrez, psychologist and specialist in emotional intelligence.


If you thought your boyfriend is not lost in love of you because he still has not told you those two "magic words" that we love, quiet, these are the ways in which a man tells you I love you .


Delicate caresses

Of course we all love that they steal a passionate kiss or touch us with passion but, believe us, the gentle touch and care he gives you to touch your hand, caress your hair or your chin can tell you "I love you" silent.


Pay attention to your tastes

Stay attentive if he asks you about what interests you, your goals for the future, what you dislike, is not to make you talk but because you really care.


Find moments to be with you

This is one of the ways in which a man tells you I love you and that many times we do not realize it. Your boyfriend will look for times with you, in fact sometimes he will give priority to be with you than with his friends or family.


Do anything for you

He may not necessarily be interested in the things that interest him, but he makes the effort to participate, the idea is to see you happy.


What hides a "I love you"

If he says a lot to you these words is because what he feels for you is strong, but he does not dare by an unconscious fear of not being reciprocated or thinking that it is too early to say "I love you" .


It presents you to family and friends

Get ready because when a man does this is because his feelings they are deeper than you imagine.

Feel happy because you surely identified with any of these ways in which a man tells you I love you .

Stop torturing yourself mentally and thinking things that are not. Your body language and actions will tell you a lot about what you partner feel for you, it's just a matter of you watching and being very attentive.

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