Dehydration by exercise

The body of the runners is usually thin, in addition to having the heart stronger. To the run, one gains both physical and mental resistance and recharges energy; However, it is common to see dehydration for him exercise .

For slim down, run It is not enough, lose kilos and keep the weight depends on the proper balance between the contribution of calories and the energy expenditure, in other words, between the food consumed, the hydration adequate and physical activity .

During the exercise , the body consumes energy, in the first half hour of sustained race the body takes calories of the food provided.
After meals, much of the volume blood is intended for the processes of digestion . It is very important to respect a fast time (2 to 3 hours) before the physical activity , since otherwise we would "steal" part of the blood intended for muscles .

The amount of blood that reaches the kidney will depend inversely on the intensity of the exercise . In this way, the kidney try to decrease the water loss , which is very important through sweat .

Despite this, the body has a tendency to dehydrate , which affects the physical performance , and can even damage some structures of the kidney . For all this, it is convenient to know that if the liquid lost is not replaced, the person dehydrates and decreases its performance .

Among other things, it is not recommended to cover in nylon or plastic to perspire, because it will not be lost grease , you will only lose liquid . The lost of liquid presents certain effects according to the percentage of weight lost:

• 1% sensation threshold thirst .
• 2% Much thirst, loss of appetite .
• 3% Dry mouth, increased hemoconcentration, decreased renal excretion.
• 4% Reduction 20-30% of the physical performance .
• 5% Difficulty of concentration , headache impatience dream .
• 6% Serious alteration of the thermoregulation , increased respiratory rate during the exercise , tingling and numbness of limbs.
• 7% Possible collapse if combined with heat.

Therefore, before training It is recommended to drink 500 ml of water or isotonic drink 2 hours before, and 125 to 250 ml just before starting the exercise . During the activity, 125 to 250 ml of water or isotonic drink every 10 to 20 minutes. When finishing the exercise, replace 150% of the lost liquid, drink 500 ml immediately after the activity is over. The rest to the pleasure of the athlete.

Remember to hydrate before feeling thirst . If you feel dry mouth, you have probably already lost 3% of your body weight and your performance has decreased noticeably, which hinders you from losing weight with the exercise .

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Video Medicine: Symptoms of dehydration - Brittney Beardon, MED, RD, LD (July 2020).