Define your waist in 5 steps

Did you know that when you do any physical activity, you stimulate your metabolism and burn more calories ? If you follow these practical and effective exercises to eliminate those horrible "llantitas" in the waist , you have guaranteed a thin and strengthened figure.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth We share with you five very useful exercises to reduce your waist, increase your muscle tone and correct your body posture.

Step 1. - Lying on your back, place your lower back against the mat, activate the abdomen with the navel inwards and slightly upwards. Leave your feet against the ground; Separate your legs at the height of your hips and flex them. Place your hands on the side of your body with your palms facing down and breathe deeply. Gradually, raise the head and spine, expelling the air and flexing the trunk until the shoulders separate from the floor, return to the initial position inhaling, repeat 10 to 15 times.

Step 2. - Keep the previous position, but now elevate the legs to a 90 degree angle, with the knees at hip height and the arms extended behind the head. Inhale and exhale at the same time you raise the trunk to bring the arms to the side of the body, so that they are parallel to the ground. The legs remain in the same position, do 12 repetitions.

Step 3. - In the same initial position as the exercise before, perform the same movement, only this time, when you raise the trunk, extend the legs pointing with your feet towards the ceiling. When you return to the original position, bring your legs back to the 90 degree position, repeat 15 times.

Step 4. - Slightly spread your legs and breathe deeply. Extend the arms and bend the waist to the right and rotate the trunk of your body until the face is facing the ground. Then you must do the same downwards, making sure that your hands touch the ground and, later, complete the movement by turning to the left. Repeat this exercises 10 to 15 times.

Step 5 - Flex your waist forward, with your legs straight and without bending, until you support your hands on the floor. Once you are in that position, and without moving your legs, start walking with your hands. Then repeat the same thing but with the legs, trying not to flex. Repeat this mode about four or five times per series.

The waist is a part of the body where fat deposits more easily. If you have lost weight, it is necessary that you tonify the muscles from the waist to avoid the flaccidity . If you manage to incorporate these exercises to your weight loss routine, the results will be more compelling. And you, how do you keep your waist in shape?

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