Deadly dream ...

In many homes it is a habit , for others a need, and according to the American Special Agency (NASA), take one nap up to 30 minutes, is the key to strengthening the alertness of the body; this allows us to react optimally to the problems or dangers that surround us.

However, not everything in this time of rest is beneficial. A study conducted by the University of Cambridge, in United Kingdom , suggests that taking a nap increases the odds of early death.


Deadly dream ...

The research published in American Journal of Epidemiology notes that sleep Regularly half an hour of nap increases the risk of death by 14%, while if it exceeds 60 minutes this risk rises to 32%.

Why is not it so good to take a nap? Here we give you some reasons.

1. As indicated by the study of University of Cambridge, napping causes a inflammation in various organs which, in turn, increases the risk of death between two and three times compared to people who sleep an average of eight hours only during the night.

2. Bad night. If you have insomnia the nap presents a problem, as it can increase bad sleep habits for people with temporary nighttime problems, caused by stress or disease. In accordance with Ralph Downey, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California, the nap reduces the sleep unit during the night.

3. You do not always recover. For the boss of the Neurology Service of Sanitas la Zarzuela Hospital, Ventura Aciones, a long nap can lead to psychological disorders, getting up with body discomfort, not being able to do practically nothing and suffer during the afternoon.

A nap is not bad while taking into account the time of rest and if you have any condition or low physical activity.

Remember that the most important thing to improve your rest is to maintain a balanced life, in feeding and sport. Your health is in your hands!

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