Dark circles originate due to nasal problems

Why do dark circles come out? It is a very common question and according to the doctor Roshini Raj , editor of the magazine Heatlh, the obstruction of sinuses caused by a allergy causes inflammation of small blood vessels near the surface of the skin, which causes some areas around the eyes and nose to darken. .

In Raj's voice this is one of the reasons why the dark circles appear and clarifies that a vitamin deficiency can also trigger the appearance of these, so it is advisable to take a daily supplement, coupled with the application of a cream at night, enriched with vitamin A and K.

The health expert clarifies that the genetics It can also influence the appearance of eye bags : "Some women have a genetic predisposition to pigmentation excessive in that area. Laser surgery, which changes the surface of the skin, but is an expensive solution and the recovery time is prolonged. "

The article published in CNN.com.mx , specifies that Cosmetic filler injections they are popular alternatives (they hide the sunken areas that cause shade) and the investment ranges between 500 and 800 dollars for each treatment.

However, Raj concludes that before taking this decision he should rest another bit: "Try sleep at least half an hour more every day, since the fatigue It can affect your skin and make the discoloration more visible. "

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