Dangerous sun in the eyes of the capital

The intense solar radiation that has been registered in the Federal District during the last weeks, represents a danger for the view , because the exposure of the eye to the ultraviolet rays It causes injuries ranging from irritation or burning, corneal or retinal burns, to the appearance of cataracts.

In this regard, "Felix Gil Carrasco, general director of the Hospital Luis Sánchez Bulnes of the Association to Avoid Blindness in Mexico , said: "People who have that sensitivity to sunlight should use lenses with filters which can be acquired in optics and not on the streets, only in serious places."

The information published on the portal excelsior.com.mx , points out that the simple fact of puckering the eyelids to avoid the reflection of light in the floor projects the intolerance of the eye to the strong concentrations, so the recommendation is to wear sunglasses.

This Wednesday, July 20, the radiation in the DF reached 14 points out of a maximum of 15, reason why the specialist described it as "extremely high and damaging to the eyes".

Gil Carrasco, recommended people who perform outdoor activities, not expose their eyes directly to the sun, avoid spaces that reflect a lot of light and before any discomfort, go to the doctor:

"If the person begins to experience burning, tearing from the presence of sunlight, people should go to the ophthalmologist."

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