Dangerous delight?

It is recommended to consume 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day; although to be happy a study conducted by the University of Warwick notes that this amount should be 7 servings. However, what happens when the diet is based solely on fruits?

It is the name given to the vegetarian who feeds exclusively on fruits, berries and nuts. The strict frugivore does not admit any culinary preparation, not even cooking, of the fruit he drinks. Although it is true that fruits allow to obtain a large part of the basic nutrients by combining oleaginous fruits, with sugary fruits.


Dangerous delight?

According to the Food and Health Guide published by the Faculty of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, a diet based on fruit triggers blood glucose levels, causing important problems in the control of diabetes and the formation of fats . Since the cells can not burn all the glucose properly, the metabolism transforms it into fat.

The most dangerous thing is that, subsequently, all the insulin that is secreted causes the sugar to leave the bloodstream, falling below normal levels until a state of hypoglycemia is generated.

A study led by Anthony Healy of the University of California, notes that the excess of fructose causes disorders in the metabolism and could be the origin of carcinogenic diseases, although the degree of risk in their results is not determined.

Personalities such as actor Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs have taken this diet; However, the best thing to do for health is to maintain a balanced diet. Your health is in your hands!

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