Damage to pyrotechnics in the

The pyrotechnics is a tradition that although it may be liked by many , represents a danger not only for people, but for pets . For the latter, it can be all a torture, due to his auditory acuity ...

Researchers and veterinarians of the University of Oslo , Norway, state that the firecrackers and fireworks cause terror in pets , even more than the noise generated by a shot, traffic or thunder.

On the other hand, researchers from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, argue that older dogs tend to be more easily scared than young dogs


Damage to pyrotechnics in the "hairy":

- Earache

- Panic

- Accelerated breathing

- Tachycardia

- Diarrhea and vomiting from stress

- Anxiety attacks

- Dilated pupils

- Tremor

- Greater salivation

- Elevation of blood presure

- Wounds (in case you go outside)

- Death

If you have a pet at home, you are national holidays try to calm her playing with her and prevent her from going out into the streets where there is pyrotechnics , then the fear could motivate her to run .

The use of pyrotechnics is worth as long as it is done responsibly.

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