Daily headaches

To the headaches, in general, they can be divided into two main groups: secondary and primary .

Secondary causes are the result of another medical problem, for example, they could result from an injury or a infection , of a Sleep disorder , of a tumor or of some medication, among many other possibilities.

The primaries lack an easily identifiable underlying cause and some may even have a genetic predisposition. Among the common types of primary headaches are: migraines and the tensional type.

The distinction between primary and secondary headaches is not always clear. The exact diagnosis depends a lot on having a comprehensive medical evaluation.

You need to talk in detail about the symptoms, review the file, as well as a thorough physical and neurological examination for the doctor to diagnose about the headache, especially if it occurs suddenly:

Increase its intensity, fever , neck stiffness , confusion, seizures , double vision, weakness, numbness or difficulty speaking

Therefore, the ideal is to go to a neurologist with experience in headaches or primary care physician to make a timely diagnosis through the most appropriate tests.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is usually the first diagnostic test when the doctor suspects that some anatomical process of the brain it is the cause of the pains; lumbar puncture and blood tests.

In order to determine the best treatment, it is essential that the diagnosis is accurate. The treatment of secondary pain usually falls on the underlying cause. Once the condition is treated well, it usually disappears.

The treatment of primary headache differs and depends on the specific diagnosis, as well as the relevant symptoms that the person has; among the most recommended is rest and analgesics .

Remember, there may be many explanations for the headache that you feel, but it is not possible to know the cause with certainty without a specialist examining you thoroughly.

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