Cycling raises self-confidence in children

The cycling is a physical activity that favors the health of human beings, by preventing the appearance of overweight wave obesity . The use of bike It offers many benefits for children's development, because it increases their self-confidence and generates an ecological conscience.

One of the first sports that parents should teach their children is the cycling , to promote a better quality of life and return to coexistence among family members, which has been lost with the arrival of technology. So that you teach your son to handle a bike , here we give you some of its benefits at a physical, emotional and social level:

  1. Increase the resistance and agility of the little ones.
  2. Improves your joints, as well as your circulatory and respiratory systems
  3. It stimulates coordination and Balance bodily.
  4. Favors intellectual development. Some Spanish studies emphasize that children who go to school in bike They are smarter.
  5. Reduce the anxiety and the stress , so it is ideal for children with hyperactivity .
  6. Create social bonds, which helps to have a better development with their peers.
  7. Promotes companionship, respect, tolerance and solidarity

For all these benefits, there are programs that promote cycling, so that it is part of the lives of children and adults, such as "BiciEntrénate infantil" , where children are trained to develop skills, skills and acquire knowledge about the use of bike .

Besides, the Ministry of the Environment , through Move on a bike, launched the first children's drawing and painting contest for children to express all the emotions they have when riding a bicycle. Here you can check the bases.

However, if you are an adult and lover of photography, you can express how you enjoy your bike ride with attractive, fun and original images, through this contest.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits and have a fun time in the company of your children or loved ones, GetQoralHealth Waiting for you from Sunday, April 15 at the Glorieta de la Diana Cazadora, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., within the activities of Move on a bike

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