Custom fit for you to run well!

When using a sports shoe inappropriate you run the risk of suffering an injury or accident during the practice of your physical activity. Therefore, you must learn to choose them, take care of them and replace them at the right time.

According to researchers from the University of Cincinnati, The Ohio State University and Case Western Reserve University , the use of tennis worn or old is the most common cause of running injuries.


Custom fit for you to run well!

If the use of your sports shoes It is equivalent to more than 600 kilometers, it is time to change them. You can do it for others that give you a custom fit like the new ZPUMP Fusion from Reebok.

This shoe designed for people running fits comfortably, because it has an air chamber that wraps and molds to any foot; Provides a secure and personalized fit. Check how it works in the next video.

Its sole provides the high-speed performance you need, as well as control and maneuverability, so you can start, brake and change direction in an instant.


"The ZPump Fusion completely lacks structure when it's not inflated and then, when you put it on and fill it with air, it molds to the shape of the foot," says Paul Litchfield, director of Advanced Concepts at Reebok.


Make them yield more!

To extend the life of your tennis shoes you just have to use them just to run; give them adequate ventilation; alternate with another pair of sports shoes ; store them in a cool place; and never put them in the washing machine.

"To maximize your capacity and test your limits, you become a better athlete, leader, father and friend. Fitness can help you explore and connect with that natural and human part of your being, "says Matt O'Toole, President of Reebok.

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