Create your own liquid mineral makeup

Do you spend a lot of money on cosmetics? It's time for you to save and learn how to make a liquid mineral makeup that will help you better cover imperfections, hydrate your skin and avoid clogging pores.

According to portal , women can make their liquid mineral makeup that suits the type of facial skin, in a short time and with products they have in their home. So do not hesitate and let your face look smooth and soft, you just need:

1.- Powder makeup: One of the key products is your mineral powder makeup, remember to choose one that is very similar to your skin tone, to avoid it looking like a mask.

2.- Base cream: By mixing two teaspoons of powdered make-up with a quarter cup of this product you will create a light, moisturizing cream with color, which will keep your skin moist and give you more complete coverage. Mix thoroughly to incorporate the two ingredients.

3.- Moisturizing lotion: If you have oily skin, it is best to use a moisturizing lotion to create your liquid mineral makeup; however, the coverage will be a little lighter. You will have to mix two teaspoons of powder makeup in a quarter cup of lotion.

4.- Aloe Vera: With this natural ingredient you will get a moisturizing liquid mineral makeup that will help improve the texture of your skin. Add two teaspoons of powdered makeup to a quarter cup of gel. Mix until all the ingredients are incorporated.

5.- Containers: This is one of the key elements so that your liquid mineral makeup is preserved in excellent conditions and free of bacteria. Preferably place it in an airtight bottle. Remember to clean the lid and mouthpiece before and after using the product.

No matter what product you use to make your liquid mineral makeup, you should only shake it very well before using it to incorporate all the ingredients.

Specialists recommend discarding the makeup after a month of its preparation, since it registers a loss in the pigments and can be a focus of infections. And you, are you ready to make your own makeup?

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