Cravings are reduced

The theme of eating or do not eat bread to lose weight is very debated, however recently it was found that it is possible to obtain many benefits by removing it from the diet.

But there are 5 important things that you must watch before eliminating completely the bread of your diet , and others that you should know to take advantage of:


Cravings are reduced

According to him American Journal of Nutrition, the consumption of carbohydrates generates a chain of dependence to others caloric foods (sweet or salty), with what you tend to eat more snacks, sweets and cravings.

By eliminating bread from your diet, the anxiety by consuming those products, decreases.


Check what the bread you consume is made with

The type of grains that you consume in bread or baguette, has a lot to do with the effect it produces on your body. The refined flours increase the risk of cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

But if you consume bread with whole grains or whole grains , help improve blood cholesterol levels, take care of your heart and avoid excessive weight gain.

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