Cosmetics, generators of allergies

Appointments with friends and family are never lacking and certainly for women one of the infallible tools before leaving home, is the use of cosmetics.

However, these can sometimes be incompatible with your skin type, since the ingredients of certain products can cause the formation of red spots or peeling on the skin. Therefore, we give you some recommendations to avoid the allergy to cosmetics.

If your eyes swell, become red or watery or experience a tingling sensation, it could mean that you have probably developed sensitivity or allergy to any of the cosmetics you are using.


What happens in an allergy?

The allergic reaction may worsen or disappear depending on the material of the cosmetic, be it blush, powder or lipstick.

The most sensitive part of the face that can be affected are, of course, the eyes. The eyelid, as well as its surroundings, are very sensitive and vulnerable, so chemicals easily penetrate.

Cosmetics are often made of oils, waxes, dyes, perfumes, detergents, preservatives and lanolin . Over time, you can become sensitive to certain chemicals that are present in cosmetics.


The recommendations

Therefore, the first thing to do is stop using the material that causes some type of irritation and consult a dermatologist; He can recommend some type of steroid ointment or cream that will help alleviate the allergic reaction.

It is also recommended the use of hypoallergenic cosmetics, for sensitive skin; avoids the use of cosmetic products that contain perfume and lanolin , since they are the main culprits of causing allergic skin reactions.

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