Cosmetics according to your personality

There are specific areas in human anatomy that attract not only the gaze but also the interest of the opposite sex, including the face; however, this, in addition to harmonic and fine lines can reflect through the makeup the personality type of each woman.

The personality is part of the attractiveness of each individual, gives him aspects that make him stand out from the others. That is why using the right makeup and color according to the type of personality is necessary, and GetQoralHealth Tells you what are the options you can find.

Security. Women with this type of personality can wear a makeup composed of a thin line on the edge of the eyelashes. To enhance your eyes use peach shades and only use lip gloss.

Sophisticated The mystery and seduction are your allies, to achieve it uses orange or pink tones on the eyelids of your eyes. It combines with shaded shadows in oranges or yellows, a good delineation and mascara will be the ideal complement. The golden tone is ideal as a base.

Daring Use strong and bright colors such as yellow or violet in the eyes, pink blush and lips with translucent gloss. A deep delineation in the eyes that reaches the base of the eyelids.

Romantic To create this style you can use almond tones on the eyelids, combined with gold and copper. Use eyeliner in light colors, with mascara black eyelashes. Pink cheeks and bright lips in roses and coral.

Natural. This is a very popular makeup, but you should see if it goes with your personality. To achieve this, use translucent powder and shadows in pastel colors. The pink on your lips is basic.

The makeup may vary according to your personality type , but remember that it is not a factor that decides on your attractiveness. The personality and how you feel about yourself will be your best tools to conquer the masculine look.

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