Corticosteroids support hormone production

Currently the employment of corticosteroids has spread to many diseases because they mimic the effects of hormones that the body naturally produces in Kidney glands .

They influence the functioning of most body systems (cardiac, immune, muscular and bone, endocrine and nervous) and cause a wide variety of effects, including on the metabolism of the carbohydrates , the proteins and the fats . They help to keep the balance of fluids and electrolytes.

When they are prescribed in doses that exceed their normal body levels, they suppress inflammation , which can reduce the signs and symptoms of inflammatory diseases. In addition, they act on the immune system , so they can help control the conditions in which the system mistakenly attacks their own tissues.

Therefore, they are considered first line treatments for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis , Cancer , lupus , asthma , allergies , the Addison's disease , in which Kidney glands they do not produce enough steroids , and help prevent organ rejection in transplant patients.

However, side effects also appear due to the continuous use of high doses of the drug or after suppression, after it has been used for long periods of time without resting patterns.

The side effects They depend on the dose of the medication that is received. Within a matter of days or weeks of starting therapy, a higher risk of:

1. Elevation of pressure in the eyes (glaucoma ) 2. Retention of liquids and salts, causing inflammation in legs and ankles. 3. Hypertension 4. Mood changes 5. Weight gain, with deposits of grease in the abdomen, face and the back of his neck 6. Cough 7. Hoarseness 8. Dryness in the mouth 9. Sore throat 10. Diarrhea , threw up Y gastric ulcers

When taking corticosteroids In the long term, you can experience:

1. waterfalls and visual problems 2. Elevation of glucose , which can trigger or worsen the diabetes 3. Increased risk of infections 4. Loss of calcium Of bones, fractures Y osteoporosis 5. Menstrual irregularitiess . 6. Depression.

Therefore, to obtain the greatest benefit with the least amount of risk, measures such as: reducing doses or using them intermittently, changing the form of administration (oral, cutaneous, inhaled), and talking with your doctor to decide between benefits and risks specific to their employment.

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