Copy your good

When we think of someone slender, we have the idea that he leaves many things out of his diet to be like that, but that is not necessarily a rule, in fact there are certain foods what people eat thin that help them stay that way

In a matter of genetics , usually people thin are more brown fat , that influenced by the temperature it helps your body spend more Energy and can maintain or lose weight easily, says a study of the Bethesda Clinical Research Unit .


Copy your good "tricks"

But not only are they favored by genes , there are foods that people thin They do eat and it helps them to look that way, but above all to keep their health stable. Here are some of them.

1. Dairy Although it is in moderation, twice a day maximum, people who consume them are 37% less likely to suffer obesity , compared to those who only eat them once a month, says a study Harvard , Case Western Reserve Y Brown Universities .

2. Oatmeal People thin they usually include high oatmeal in their breakfast fiber , because it's a great way to give your metabolism and keep them satisfied until lunchtime.

3. Chile. When Cayenne red pepper is added, the cravings for fat, salt and sweet foods are reduced, indicate from a study the scientists of the Purdue University . In addition, its component capsaicin , help accelerate the metabolism .

4. Green tea It's one of your favorite drinks, instead of soda or coffee, and those who drink about five cups a day can lose significantly more weight , especially stomach fat, thanks to its high level of catechins .

5. Dried fruits They are an excellent option to consume between meals, because they are high in fiber , proteins and low in calories , but also those who consume them on a regular basis tend to be more thin who do not, says a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine .

6. Avocado. Thanks to its healthy fats, eating half of this food at lunch can help satisfy the organism more quickly and also that the desire to eat more decreases, indicates a study published in the Nutrition Journal .

7. Bitter chocolate. The moment of dessert it does not have to be torture, people thin They opt for healthier foods, such as this chocolate variety, which helps reduce Body mass index (BMI) and therefore to burn fat, reveal in the University of California .

You should not give up every time someone slender, it's better to "copy" some of their good habits , like these foods that people eat thin , in addition to making physical activity and eliminate from your diet the food extremely greasy. Dare yourself!

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