Control body hair and increase your self-esteem

According Miguel Ángel José Allevato , president of the Argentine Society of Dermatology , between 25% and 35% of adult women have excess of body hair . This manifests mainly in the area of lip superior and in the abdomen low.

For many women, this situation is a cause of low self-esteem , shame , discomfort , impotence and even suffering , as is the case Mari Luz Esteban victim of hirsutism .

This condition is characterized by the birth of thick hairs Y dark in various parts of the body, like lips , chin, chest, abdomen and back, refers information of the National Institutes of Health of the United States .


Control body hair and increase your self-esteem

If it is your case and you want to get rid of hair facial bodily , the American Academy of Dermatology suggests certain measures to control its appearance.



It is a procedure in which heat is used to destroy the hair follicle and must be done every week; It works for all types of hair and skin. The drawback is that the size of the pores can increase.


Laser depilation

It is most recommended for women with fair skin, because dark skin could stain the skin or cause loss of pigmentation. On average, six to eight sessions are necessary to reduce permanent hair reduction by 80%.

If you want to submit to this method it is safer to look for a qualified dermatologist, since some laser hair removal devices for home use have certain limitations as they can only be used for certain areas of the body.

In addition, if used incorrectly they could generate blisters or skin irritation and even cause blindness.


Waxing with wax

This type of hair removal delays the appearance of hair from one to three weeks; However, it can cause temporary burns or skin irritation, so it is recommended to do so with a specialist in this type of technique.


Shaved off

In areas with excess hair it is necessary to shave until daily; in some cases it may be necessary twice a day, since the facial hair grows more at night.



Some women choose to bleach thick and dark hair, so it is disguised. This technique requires maintenance every one or two weeks. Just take care that the peroxide does not irritate your skin.

Beyond the unsightly that the excess of body hair It is important that if you notice unusual growth consult a dermatologist because it may be a sign of a health problem such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, tumors of the adrenal glands or insulin resistance.

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