The snails baba It can provide many benefits on the skin. The substance released from these mollusks is characterized by relieving conditions that are annoying to many people on the skin.

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A study published by Medetec Medical Device Consultancy Cardiff , United States, reveals that one of the most effective remedies to eliminate warts is by means of a treatment of snail slime ; It works as an adhesive and lubricant.

It contains healing properties and restores damaged tissues.



Proteins and vitamin : Contribute to the good state of skin and its hydration.

Glycolic acid o: It has a 'peeling' effect. It is used as an exfoliant.

Collagen and elastin : Helps the elasticity of the skin and delays aging avoiding wrinkles.

Allantoin : Regenerates the skin, it is an excellent alternative to reduce the appearance of scars.




  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Eliminates acne marks
  • Reduces cellulite and stretch marks
  • Prevents and eliminates wrinkles
  • Prevents the formation of keloid scars

As you can read, the snail slime It is an excellent ally for the appearance of your skin. Today there have been creams, gel and masks of this substance that promise to have very good results.


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