Containers of cardboard contaminate food

For several years we have thought that food packed in cardboard packaging they are preserved in a better way, for longer and are synonymous with security , with respect to those who are exposed to environmental conditions, since they require very few conservatives . But this may not be so true.

Many of the cardboard containers that are used in the world are made with recycled newspapers , unfortunately it has been counterproductive since the chemicals that come off the ink have contaminated food contained in cardboard containers, as determined by researchers from Germany and Switzerland, led by Koni Grob , from the Zurich food safety laboratory.

Despite the risk posed by this finding, specialists say it is not a reason to panic; but it is necessary to take certain precautions as: consume, as far as possible, less packaged foods in said packages; at least in what is researched more about the effects Y risks of the substances and the situation is regulated.


The investigation

Previous research in mice had shown the dangers posed by these substances to health.

Professor Grob explained that the impact is double : one is the inflammation chronicle of some internal organs and the other is the risk of cancer. However, consumers would have to expose themselves to these contaminated foods for many years to be at risk.

The Food and Beverage Federation of the United Kingdom , which represents the companies in the sector, commented that the Swiss study "is a good starting point for more research, but not enough to justify the discontinuation of the use of the recycled carton ".

Here we present a short video explaining this event.

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