Contact lenses identify glucose level

The Fluorescence Institute of the University of Maryland (E.U.A.) has developed technology that will allow monitor blood sugar level of people with diabetes through contact lenses that will change color as changes in blood sugar level are identified, according to publications in the journal of the Journal of Fluorescence.

The diabetes It is a disease that affects more than 220 million people around the world. Many people have a relative or acquaintance who has it and who must be in constant monitoring of the glucose levels.

This new technology provides contact lenses with a small sensor on the surface that can detect how much glucose is present in the tears . If the sensor is placed in the visual field, the user can detect the color change. If the lens is placed outside the visual area, the user could only detect the change of color by looking in a mirror.

Chris Geddes, associate director of the Institute that developed the technology mentions that the change in glucose level through tears can be identified by the lens in 30 minutes , but warns that the delay is not a problem and has the potential to help people who care for children and seniors.

No matter what type of diabetes you have, in all cases this condition affects the ability to produce insulin in the body of the person who develops it, which can cause dangerous fluctuations in glucose levels and serious health problems, including death.

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