Consequences of skipping breakfast

The stress, the rush, the schedule, or just do not make you want to consume food during the mornings, has it happened ?, Well surely you're not the only one. That's why we will tell you what happens if you do not eat breakfast . It is something more common than you think; unfortunately, this is not something that does us good, breakfast is the most important food of the day.


According to the Mexican Diabetes Federation , breakfast is the most important meal of the day for all people with or without diabetes . Provide nutrients Y Energy to maintain active the organism.


Consequences of skipping breakfast

Ana Laura Segundo Romero , nutritionist of the Mexican Diabetes Federation , explains that when a person does not eat breakfast, their appetite will increase in the next meal and the glucose levels will rise when they take the first foods of the day because they are going to eat more.

Therefore, it is time to give you a little more of Health . In thinking about the great effort that you put on your body when it does not receive food within the first hour of getting up.

1. The organism enters a state of fast dragged on.

2. The body he prepare because he assumes that he will not receive food in the next few hours.

3. When it is time for lunch and they are consumed foods , the body what stores as grease because he does not know at what time he will receive the next nutrients.

By habitually maintaining this cycle, you are sensitive to developing the following conditions:

1. You increase the risk of developing 21% type 2 diabetes

2. There are more chances that your body mass index be high

3. If you are a man, you have a 27% risk of suffering a attack to the heart

4. If you are a woman, you are more sensitive to present elevation of lipids in the blood

5. Increased risk of obesity

6. Cholesterol Y triglycerides tall

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