Complete healing

Although this discipline is more popular every day meditation and healing, and maybe you're from people who have not yet decided to include it in their lives. It is true that there are some things you should know about practicing yoga , but starting is just something you decide.

In accordance with Daniel Mesino , teacher of Mexican Institute of Yoga , when practiced yoga , it is brought to the mind to a state of unidirectional concentration. Everything that is done in this discipline is a great training to focus the mind in one direction.


When we allow the mind to go from one place to another, there are worries about a future that does not exist and we are anguished. Or we allow that the nostalgia of a past that does not exist overwhelms us to enter states of continuous melancholy "

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Complete healing

Understand the yoga can inspire you to take your "first steps", so we present the tips so you can connect with this discipline and do not regret giving it the opportunity.

1. Think integrally. In accordance with Ana Paula Domínguez , director of Mexican Institute of Yoga , this discipline gives you the tools so you can unite the different aspects of your being: heart, head, senses and body.

The tools with which the yoga account to help you achieve this union, and from which you can choose the ones that you like most, are: philosophical (nonviolence, honesty, purification), breathing , postures (asanas) and the meditation .

2. Connect your body. Dominguez explains that you can use the yoga in your two divisions to work specifically what most mortifies you. If you have body aches and want to relieve them, for example, you should resort to hatha-yoga .

This is the kind of yoga that you work to balance the body physical, you make certain types of postures with a breathing adequate, to oxygenate the organs and release toxins .

3. Connect your mind. On the other hand, there is yoga which is more meditative, "devotional", called raja-yoga . This one incorporates the practice of exercise and breathing with the meditation and the study, achieves the production of a multifaceted person.

4. Take off. Ana Martha Camargo , of the Mexican Federation of Yoga , indicates that to reach the state of yoga ideal, you must detach yourself to the fullest extent possible from all the bonds of subjective worldly perceptions.

It is vital to let go of your thoughts and focus your mind only in your breathing and a personal intention that serves as a motor, which will take you through the time that your practice lasts yoga , to leave out worries, thoughts, pending, sadness, etc.

5. Do not expect rewards. To maintain control over the mind and go practicing a meditation active, it is important not to expect to receive the fruits of the effort, you have to give the best of yourself because you want it. It does not matter if you fay in a position , keep trying until you achieve it.

Beyond the things you should know about practicing yoga , the best thing is that you decide to live the experience, what you experience will make you realize if you like it and it benefits you. There are many studies that prove its benefits, but what do you think if you do it for yourself? You dare?

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