Colon and liver cancer affects Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb , one of the members of the Bee Gees, died on May 20, victim of colon cancer and liver , which were diagnosed from 2010 to date; the artist stated that the disease it can be a "karmic price" for the successes and fame that the band enjoyed.

According to information published in , Robin Gibb lost his twin brother, Maurice, in 2003 for the same neoplasia .

The English musician, 62, was married for 36 years with the artist and priestess Druid Dwina , with whom he has a son, Robin-John (RJ), of 29 years, plus two others from a previous marriage.

What triggers colon cancer?

The colon cancer is a neoplasia malignant, which develops through a polyp that starts in the large intestine or in the rectum. Is the second tumor more harmful in men; however, timely diagnosis can cure it completely.

A person prone to suffer colon cancer If you are over 60, take a diet scarce in fiber and rich in red or processed meats, has a disease inflammatory bowel, family history, if you smoke or drink excessively.

In the next video, the Doctor Ana Pastor Rodríguez-Moñino , explains the main symptoms of this disease :

According to the specialists, the condition is detected through a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. The treatment depends on the state in which the colon cancer , so it can be fought with surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy .

The best thing you can do to prevent it is to have a balanced diet, rich in fiber , constantly moisturize and avoid sedentary lifestyle with some routine exercise .

However, if it is in very advanced stages, as was the case with the singer, there are few possibilities and the fight is more arduous. Rest in peace Robin Gibb .

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