Collective activities are the favorites

The leisure it is a part of our training in mental health, but now, various associations struggle to make it a universal right, for the Benefits that provides for a healthy life.

The nongovernmental association Voice Pro Mental Health He pointed out that in today's society, which is oriented towards work and technology, the importance of leisure in daily life , because it does not produce any economic gain or instant gratification.

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However, that group reported that its long-term effects are highly beneficial: reduces stress and allows us to freely develop the skills and creativity in various areas of interest.

Leisure activities are those that we perform in our free time, and that do not interfere with our obligations or physical and personal well-being.


Collective activities are the favorites

According to the National Survey on the Use of Time (ENUT) carried out in 2014, the most recurrent leisure activities in the country are the use of mass media. communication and family coexistence. However, where the greatest difference between men and women is observed is in the participation in games and hobbies, where men register in their weekly average more than one hour with respect to that registered by women.

As for the personal care A similar behavior is observed between men and women. The activity that is dedicated more time on average is to sleep with little more than 54 hours per week for women while men spend 53.1 hours. The activities to which they dedicate less time are: to pray, to meditate and to rest, with approximate values ​​to 3 weekly hours.

Less practiced activities: sports and physical exercise.

Given this situation, the association stressed that a solution to this problem is to generate a leisure time that provides psychological well-being or and an exit to stress, which considerably increases the good state of cheer up and productivity.

In the case of people with a disorder psychiatric , their leisure time, like the rest of their lives, is seriously affected.

According to some studies carried out in Spain, it has been found that patients with mental disorders that receive treatments oriented to leisure as part of their rehabilitation , present less stress and have a better quality of life.

This includes a sense of wellness , positive emotions, a sense of identity and satisfying experiences.

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