Coconut oil and its beneficial effects

Coconut is a food that containsfatty acids short chain, and it's rich in lauric acid ofantiviral properties Yantibactericides . As a comparison,breastmilk It contains 56% oflauric acid, which is thegrease predominant in this one.

According to information published in the portal ofCNN , a large number of personal trainers, nutritionists and professionals of thealternative medicine recommend the use ofcoconut oil , extending its popularity to common stores and sports clubs.

Thecoconut oil he is rich in Saturated fats (about 92%, versus 64% of butter), but some of these come from a shorter carbon chain:triglycerides of medium chain (MCT, for its acronym in English).

The liver It rapidly metabolizes MCTs, making it less likely to be stored as body fat; hence his fame in the field of nutrition for weight loss. However, the excess of these is stored as body fat, so if you add it to your diet you will hardly lose weight.

The coconut oil he is rich in tocotrienols (Vitamin E , a antioxidant ) and stable for cooking (for large amounts of saturated fat), in accordance with Barry Sears , lipid expert, doctor in biochemistry and researcher. The tocotrienols they degrade during cooking, so this benefit is lost if you use coconut oil in the kitchen.

It is low in fatty acids Omega 6 (less than 2%), which reduces the formation of arachidonic acid, a component that promotes inflammation

A study published in the magazineLipids showed that women with Abdominal fat excess (with a waist greater than 89 centimeters) that they took coconut oil while they followed a diet low in calories and they walked almost an hour a day, they increased the cholesterol good (HDL ) and reduced the Abdominal fat , contrary to the diet that included soy oil , which increased the bad cholesterol and the good diminished.

Although research on the coconut oil is still limited, it is best to limit your consumption to less than 10% of the total calories consumed per day and make sure it replaces less healthy foods like carbohydrates refined, sugar and proteins animals with high content in grease , instead of adding it.

Video Medicine: Mayo Clinic Minute: Why coconut oil is bad for your heart (April 2023).