Clone human stem cells

The technology in science it has gone beyond the limits of the imagination. Scientists of the Laboratory of the Stem Cell Foundation of New York they used the cloning called Nuclear Transfer of Somatic Cells , to create cells mother embryonic

According to information published in the magazine Nature, the researchers used material genetic that was in the cells of skin adults and transferred them to a Ovum human, to produce a embryo in its early stages of development.

This type of cloning demonstrates that a human ovum can convert a cell specialized adult (as one of skin ) in a cell mother , says the director of the study, Dieter Egli .

Experts say that those cells mother derived from embryo can generate all kinds of tissues of the organism. Although the study is in preliminary stages, it is expected that with this process it could be cured diseases or achieve a successful organ transplant .

What is cloning?

The word means division or isolation and can be defined as the process by which identical copies of a cell , organism, or molecule , asexually. In the following video the cloning process is shown.

In accordance with the Faculties of Sciences and Ecclesiastical of Philosophy of the University of Navarra , the technique was raised with the discovery of DNA and the knowledge of how information is transmitted and expressed genetics in living beings.

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Video Medicine: First Cloned Human Embryos Yield Stem Cells (March 2024).