Clinic history

When we talk about infertility, most people relate it to hormonal problems of women, however, men can also develop fertility problems. The causes of male infertility They may be more common than we think.

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Approximately 40% of cases of infertility in males are due to genetic causes, this is revealed by studies published by The University of Oxford .

The main causes are:


Clinic history

This is mainly due to the quality of life and habits, for example:

  • Tobacco, drugs and alcohol
  • Consume anabolics
  • Feeding
  • Hernias
  • Sex life


Ejaculation problems

Some men may have some obstruction in the ejaculatory duct, this prevents the sperm enter the ejaculatory fluid.


Late ejaculation could also be considered a problem, as sometimes because of this, the sperm lodges in the bladder.



This is a condition that is characterized by the appearance of dilated veins in the scrotum. This happens when the valves inside the veins prevent blood from circulating.

They are similar to varicose veins that regularly manifest in the legs


Few sperm

It is one of the most common causes, lack of sperm or lack of motility (movement) of them can cause infertility. Due to the lack of movement, they are not in a position to fertilize the ovule.

These are some of the main causes of infertility in men . Most cases have a solution and with the help of a specialist it will be possible for the sperm to fertilize the egg and get a pregnancy, you should not be alarmed, just take care of it.

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