Climbs stairs and burns calories

A study conducted by the Canadian Medical Association Journal has determined that using the stairs not only brings some benefits to our health, but also allows us to save a little time, although we must consider the different distances to travel.

Data showed that waiting and taking the elevator involves at least 15% more time measured than when climbing stairs in a hospital. Therefore, it is more beneficial in terms of time and well-being.

Specialists recommend the use of stairs as a form of incidental exercise, in addition to other activities that we can perform while working to forget sedentary lifestyle and reduce stress during office hours, at home or in schools.

It should be remembered that climbing stairs is one of the best cardiovascular exercises to lose weight, has the purpose of increasing the heart rate and burn calories . It progressively reduces the size of the waist, regulates the artery pressure l and decreases the level of cholesterol "Bad" LDL.

In GetQoralHealth we show you a video Ana Paula Domínguez , director of Mexican Institute of Yoga , where it gives us a routine of cardiovascular exercises.

This type of exercise performed at a moderate intensity allows to burn about five calories per minute to a person of 55 kilos, seven to one of 68 and nine to one of 81. Climb running multiplies the burning of calories and the cardiovascular benefit.

The impact on knees and feet is relatively low: the pressure is equivalent to one or two times the body weight when climbing the stairs, compared to running three or four times that load.

We recommend that before you set this practice as a routine, carry out warm-up exercises, because the impact on the body when going down the stairs is equivalent to six or seven times the body weight. And you, do you prefer to climb stairs or use the elevator?

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