The damage in your liver , they are generally silent and asymptomatic s, until one day the problem is so advanced that it becomes some kind of hepatitis or fatty liver . Therefore, learn to identify the disease that attacks the liver.

Hepatitis is a virus that infects the liver and causes both acute and chronic conditions. There are several types of hepatitis viruses from A to G.

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The Hepatitis A It usually consists of a mild infection, recovery is complete and they acquire future immunity.

The hepatitis C It is the most dangerous. It is asymptomatic so you can go decades without any symptoms until it becomes serious liver damage.

Is chronic hepatitis It begins with an inflammation that progresses to a tissue that produces a fibrous scar that replaces damaged liver cells.

When the individual still does not know about the disease and the damage continues, the liver heals completely and this is known as cirrhosis. Unfortunately, he has no treatment. The only option is a transplant, if not, there is a high probability that patients develop cancer or lose their lives.



Fortunately, in the Laboratory of Liver, Pancreas and Intestinal Motility of the Medicine School of the UNAM, the doctors Gabriela Gutiérrez and Carolina Guzmán seek to regenerate the liver by means of a biomaterial that looks like a sponge, product of the Research Institute in Materials of the UNAM.

The project consists of implanting pieces of the biomaterial in some damaged liver and although it has only been experimented with rodents, the specialist Gabriela Gutiérrez mentioned that: "the animals did not reject the implant and the biomaterial was covered with cells of this organ".

Despite good results at the level of laboratory research, several years must pass to test with humans. For now, it is important to monitor the condition of your liver with the doctor even if you do not have any disease. Not for nothing, hepatitis C is called the silent disease.


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