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"Gadgets are a very effective tool in the diagnosis and medical treatment of people; They provide general information about your health and create a history that makes it easier for doctors to work. "

So explains it Daniel Kraft, founder and executive director, Exponential Medicine , who points out that cell phones have become dispositives that facilitate the work to medical teams or to heal more effectively an injury with the help of 3D printers.


"Gadgets are effective because they can measure from your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, to the way you rest," says the specialist.


Choose the one you like best!

In the next video Daniel Kraft shows you some gadgets that allow you to know your health status in a fast and practical way.


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According to a study by the consultancy Research2Guidance In 2015, it is expected that 500 million people worldwide will use health apps or gadgets on their smartphones.

The researchers say that "both health care providers and consumers are using smartphones as a means to improve health."

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