Choose the best

The beginning of the year is a good time to start with healthy eating habits or achieve lose weight , but it is an error to carry out restrictive regimes in calories or food, he says Javier Salvador , president of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) .

To make a diet It is necessary to know different factors, for example that it has a different effect in men and women, in such a way that the one rich in fats causes a greater brain inflammation in them that in them, indicates a study published in the magazine Cell Reports .


Choose the best

If you are looking for the diet ideal to help you lose weight or keep your health in good condition during this 2015, we share you based on the "Best Diets U.S News & World Report Rankings" , made by a group of Experts , the best options.

1. DASH diet. It teaches you to eat the right portions, with variety, low fat and salt. It contains an excellent amount of nutrients and fiber , limits alcohol and caffeine. Has the ability to prevent or control diabetes and help the health of the heart.

2. Diet TLC. It is a very solid plan created by the National Institutes of Health, its main advantage is that it is good for the cardiovascular health , is not focused on the loss of weight . It requires effort and dedication to learn to read food labels.

3. Mediterranean diet. It has an emphasis on the intake of fruits Y vegetables , olive oil, fish, poultry, red wine and other healthy foods. More than a diet to lose weight, is to live better, has no phases or is restrictive in the portions .

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