Choose clothes according to your body type

A job interview, the first appointment or, simply, a casual meeting, the first impression It influences not only the development of important life events but also the personal and emotional growth of the person.

According to a study conducted by the University of Ohio, First impressions are essential to build lasting confidence. However, most neglect basic elements to achieve it; example, the dress.

Clothing is important to look good, but very few women know how to choose the right garment. GetQoralHealth Y Ximena de Icaza, Image Advisor, they present you with the following video that will help you choose what best suits your body type:

If you are still not convinced or do not know what type of body you have, we present some tips that will help you discover it:

Rectangular body In this the torso does not have much definition and the waist is almost not noticeable. In addition, the bust and buttocks tend to be small. The most important thing when dressing is to define your waist and create curves through clothing and accessories. Avoid wide-legged pants and use cross-style dresses that help you create curves and define the waist.

Triangular body It is characteristic of women with a lot of hips and narrower shoulders. The goal is to conceal the hip area and attract attention to the face to create an image with balance and proportion.

Hourglass body. It has shoulders and hips of the same proportion and a defined waist. With this type of body you can use almost all styles.

Inverted triangular body. The shoulders are wider than the hips and many times the bust is big too. Therefore, the goal is to try to conceal as much as possible the upper part of the torso and create more curves and volume at the height of the hips in order to have a proportional image.

All women are beautiful, you just need to learn to use the tools that can make the attributes stand out even more. Remember, being beautiful part of a single point: to love yourself.

Video Medicine: 10 Best Ways To Dress For YOUR BODY SHAPE (February 2023).