Choose better and enjoy success!

How many decisions Have you taken impulse in your life? Has it worked for you? Maybe it's time you use more reasoning than your emotions when it comes to important decisions, because only then would you have a better quality of life.

Science details that there are multiple advantages for your reasoning to exceed your emotions , since you will be 100% sure that you made the right choice and you will not regret it in the future, but, how to take better decisions ?

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Choose better and enjoy success!

1. Think of your problems as if you were alien to them. A study published in the magazine Psychological Science Details that you should put the situation as if you were an outside observer. When you think from this perspective, you are more likely to use reasoning.

2. Stay in the present with conscious meditation. The full meditation focuses your consciousness at the present time, so it reduces the loss of time and energy that you use thinking about the past or future, details a study published in Association for Psychological Science .

3. Think of another language. When you expose the situation in a language that is not the native remove the emotional connection and it is easier to predominate reasoning , according to a study published in Psychological Science .

4. Promote your emotional intelligence . With this you have the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and that of others. With it you can prevent emotions from influencing decisions, says a study of the University of Toronto.

5. Analyze the environment. All external factors such as lighting increase a person's positive and negative emotions, which directly impacts the taking of decisions rational, says a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology .

6. Take a moment before deciding. Take a moment to breathe, you do not need much, just a fraction of a second, it will help you improve your intake decision , mentions an investigation published in PLOSONE.

7. Trust the experience. The psychologist Daniel Gilbert points out that if we do not have the knowledge or experience to take the decision , we should look for some examples of people who have lived it, so check with your best friends, family or partner the pros and cons of the situation.

Humans are prepared to make intelligent decisions under pressure, so do not worry, if you need to decide something unexpectedly, just breathe in and out of the situation for a few seconds. This will help you choose what suits you. And you, how do you decide?

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