Cholesterol causes risk of heart attack

Six out of every 10 Mexicans suffer from a problem related to the levels of cholesterol in the blood , which puts them at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases that endanger their lives.

In this regard, the medical Elsa Arrieta Maturino , Manager of Clinical Research in Cardiology of the laboratory Eli Lilly Mexico , noted that the alterations in the levels of lipids (fats) in blood , better known as dyslipidemias , have been placed among the eight leading causes of death in the country.

"Combined with factors such as glucose high, the overweight wave hypertension , dyslipidemias contribute to increase the prevalence of diseases of the heart , which, each year, claim the lives of around 160 thousand people in the country, "said the also interventional cardiologist, member of the Mexican Society of Cardiology .

Within the framework of World Heart Day , the specialist called on the population to carry out periodic reviews of their levels of cholesterol or lipids , because at present, up to 80% of patients affected by dyslipidemias do not have an adequate diagnosis and, therefore, do not receive treatment.

"It is a condition that, in most cases, does not present any symptoms, but if not treated with opportunity, it can generate serious consequences for the affected patient," he said.

He explained that, according to the type of lipid that is altered in the blood, dyslipidemias can be presented by an increase of "bad cholesterol "(LDL), a decrease of"cholesterol good "(HDL) or an elevation of the triglycerides , although a combination of the previous three can also be presented.

"We know that up to 55% of people with dyslipidemia they suffer too diabetes mellitus , 53% have problems of arterial hypertension and 47% suffer from obesity "said the doctor.

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