Chip detects vital signs in patients

Students from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) created a chip of location and personalized monitoring, which even offers the possibility of monitoring the signs of people suffering from a disease.

This system also manages to monitor cars, homes, merchandise, jewelry, electronic devices and computers. Brothers Gabriel and José Luis Vique Sánchez, graduates of the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Advanced Technologies (UPIITA) and of the National School of Medicine and Homeopathy (ENMH) of the IPN, indicated that to commercialize this chip They formed the Research Center in Mechatronic Engineering and Production Processes (CIIMP)

Through this one a service of telemetry via GPS (Global Positioning System), of good quality, functional and at an accessible cost, even 25% less than those currently offered in the market.

About, Gabriel Vique commented: "This system consists in making the link between a device GSM modem to a private telephone a monitoring center that can perform the administration of all the information that the client receives ".

Medical teams that monitor the vital signs of patients can add a sensor and alert if the levels are not adequate:

"The important thing or the key is to send information of the sensors that are requested, that is to say analog , digital or actuators ", Indicated Gabriel Vique.

José Luis Vique , said that this idea emerged in 2008, when the Ministry of Public Safety launched the mandatory GPS for new cars, based on the Third Transitory article of the Metropolitan Traffic Regulation.

Video Medicine: Driver vital sign detection demonstration using mmWave radar sensors (July 2024).