Children's race stimulates children's development

Children's careers stimulate their physical and mental development, because it helps them maintain a weight healthy and reduce the levels of hyperactivity . Thanks to this, children can enjoy greater well-being and a good quality of life.

The children's career should be considered as a training, that is, a good way to spend time that favors the recognition of efforts and achievements, as well as teamwork.

For all these benefits, Kindergarten promotes the physical activity and family coexistence with a career for children, through its "Generation in Motion" project, which will take place on April 29, at the Hipódromo de las Américas, where minors and their parents can participate.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , Claudia Lizaldi , spokesperson of the event and host of ¡Nuestro Día !, tells you how to participate in the children's race, which favors the habits healthy in the child population:

Remember that the exercise that takes place in the children's race frees endorphins , which stimulate happiness and keep the depression , isolation. By including the physical activity in life you will strengthen the memory, concentration and self-esteem of your children. And you, would you like to participate?

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